Basic to Advanced GST Course | Full GST Law | Handling GST Notices | Refund and IGST for GST professionals by expert faculty CS K K Agrawal


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Focus: GST Litigation, GST Notices, GST appeals
Validity: One Year
Duration of GST Course: 325 Hours

No of Hours Total price Price/Hour
10 ₹ 1,100 ₹ 110.00
20 ₹ 1800 ₹ 90.00
50 ₹ 3,000 ₹ 60.00
100 ₹ 3500 ₹ 35.00
200 ₹ 5000 ₹ 25.00
250 ₹ 6250 ₹ 25.00
400 ₹ 7000 ₹ 17.50
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800 ₹ 8500 ₹ 10.63

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1. GST Compliance: Buy 200 hours / 250 hours.
2. Handling GST Notices: Buy 100 hours
3. Both the above: Buy 400 hours / 450 hours

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Technical Features of Basic to Advanced GST Course

Sr.No Topic
1. Purchase hours with a validity of one year to access our GST course content and enhance your knowledge of GST.
2. Gain access to our complete GST course content and customize your learning experience by choosing lectures based on the number of hours purchased.
3. Our GST course content is compatible with Windows 8 or above, as well as Android devices, allowing you to watch and learn on the go.
4. Access the classes through our Google Drive link, which will be provided to you via email or access it here directly: Click here
5. Our developed video player is the only platform available for viewing all lectures.To access the encrypted lectures, a serial key provided by us must be used. The serial key will have a validity of one year and correspond to the number of hours of lectures purchased, for example, if you have purchased 400 hours of lectures, we will provide you with a serial key for 400 hours.
6. We want to make learning and sharing knowledge as convenient as possible, which is why we allow the serial key to be activated on up to 5 devices of your choice. This means you can access the lectures from your home, office, or even share with your employees. We believe that knowledge should be easily accessible and shared with everyone.

Teaching technique of basic to advanced GST course (+ 310 hours)

Are you a GST professional looking to take your knowledge to the next level? Our comprehensive GST course is designed to help you do just that!

With over 310 hours of in-depth, industry-oriented content, our course covers everything from practical examples to case laws and case studies. We understand that GST litigation can be challenging, which is why we’ve made sure to include real-world scenarios to help you better understand how to handle complex cases.

Sr.No Topic
1. Acts: The GST course covers the various acts that levy and collects the GST in India, including the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, and the Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act. The course provides a detailed overview of the provisions of each of these acts, as well as the rules and orders that are derived from them.
2. Rules: The GST course also covers the rules that have been framed under the various GST acts. These include the Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Rules, the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Rules, and the Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Rules. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the different rules, their applicability, and the various compliance requirements.
3. Forms: The GST course also covers the various forms that are required to be filed under the GST system, including GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, and GSTR-9. The course provides a detailed explanation of the different types of forms, their purpose, and the procedures for filing them.
4. Notifications and Circulars: The GST course also covers the various notifications and circulars that are issued by the GST council and the central and state governments from time to time. These notifications and circulars provide guidance on various aspects of GST compliance, including the filing of returns, claiming of input tax credit, and the registration of taxpayers.
5. GST Council Meeting Minutes: The GST course also covers the minutes of the meetings of the GST council. These minutes provide an insight into the discussions that take place at the GST council meetings, including the decisions taken on various GST-related issues.
6. Focus GST Litigation / notices / appeals: Our GST course focuses on developing practical skills and knowledge that can be used to improve the winnability of cases for your clients. By learning about the different grounds for responding to notices and interpreting GST laws, you will be able to develop effective strategies that can help your clients achieve their desired outcomes. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the procedures and steps involved in responding to notices, enabling you to act quickly and confidently on behalf of your clients. By applying the concepts and principles covered in the course to real-world situations, you will develop the skills and expertise needed to provide high-quality GST advisory services to your clients.

Overall, a comprehensive GST course covers all the essential aspects of the GST laws, including the various acts, rules, forms, notifications, and circulars, as well as the minutes of the GST council meetings. This provides a thorough understanding of the GST Law and enables GST Professionals to service their clients more confidently.

Who should join our Basic to Advanced GST course


1. Beginners
2. Advanced Learners
3. GST professionals
4. Tax Practitioners
5. Tax enthusiast
6. Professionals
7. Lawyers
8. Chartered Accountants
9. Cost Accountants
10. Company Secretaries
11. Students

Basic to Advanced GST Course Content (310 Hours +)

Vol 1 Basic to Advanced GST law 171 Hours
Vol 2 Handling GST notices 90 Hours
Vol 3A Refund 19 Hours
Vol 3B IGST 30 Hours
Total 310 Hours

Vol 1: CGST Act 2017 (171 hours +)

Sr.No Topic Hours
1. Concept and Features of Indirect Taxes 5 Hours
2. Constitution aspects of GST 3 Hours
3. Overview of GST 1.40 Hours
4. Adjustment of Credit 1.2 Hours
5. Meaning of Goods or Services 3 Hours
5. Meaning of Goods or Services 3 Hours
6. Composite Supply & Mixed Supply 4.17 Hours
7. Person 4 Hours
8. Business 3.10 Hours
9. Consideration 1.32 Hours
10. Scope of Supply 1.34 Hours
11. Schedule I 6 Hours
12. No Supply – Schedule III and notification 2.25 Hours
13. Levy and Collection as per CGST and IGST 3 Hours
14. Reverse charge on services and goods 8.20 Hours
15. Aggregate Turnover 2.13 Hours
16. Composition levy and Composition Rules 8.19 Hours
17. Registration and Registration Rules 15.34 Hours
18. Time of supply 4.26 Hours
19. Value of taxable supply 4.17 Hours
20. Input Tax Credit and ITC Rules 18.3 Hours
21. Tax Invoice, credit and debit notes 12.27 Hours
22. Returns and Returns Rules 12 Hours
23. Payment of tax and Payment of tax rules 2.42 Hours
24. Exemption of supply of services 17 Hours
25. E Way Bill 9 Hours
26. Special cases 1 Hours
27. Schedule II 4 Hours
28. Valuation Rules 5 Hours
29. Job Work – ITC and Procedures 2.21 Hours
30. Input Service Distributor 2.13 Hours
31. TDS 1 Hours
32. TCS 1 Hours
33. GST Practitioners 1 Hours
Total 171 Hours

Vol 2: How to handle GST notices and GST appeals (90 Hours)

Sr.No Topic Hours
1. Officers and their jurisdiction 17 Hours
2. Assessment 10 Hours
3. Audit 5 Hours
4. Inspection, search and seizure 16 Hours
5. Demand and recovery 15 Hours
6. Offenses and Penalties 10 Hours
7. Appeals and revision 10 Hours
8. Liability to pay in certain cases 1 Hours
9. Advance Ruling 5 Hours
10. Accounts and Records 2 Hours
11. Anti Profiteering 2 Hours
Total 90 Hours

Vol 3A. Refund (19 hours +)

Vol 3B. IGST (30 hours +)

Sr.No Topic Hours
1. Jurisdiction 1.30 Hours
2. Levy and Collection 1.30 Hours
3. Inter State Supply 4 Hours
4. Intra State Supply 3 Hours
5. Location of supplier and location of recipient 5 Hours
6. Place of supply – Goods 4 Hours
7. Place of supply of imported and exported goods 1.30 Hours
8. Place of supply – Services (Domestic)
9. Place of supply – Services (Cross border)
11. Refund of Integrated tax to International Tourist
12. Zero Rated Supply
13. IGST Rules

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Concept and Features of Indirect Taxes 1

Concept and Features of Indirect Taxes 2

Handling GST Notices 1

Handling GST Notices 2

Handling GST Notices 3

Handling GST Notices 4


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