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Latest GST Updates In 2023-2024

S.NoDateSubject All India Drive Against Fake GST Registration
Instruction No. 01/2023-GST Circulars issued in 2023
Circular No. 192/04/2023-GST – 04.08.2023GST Notification issued in 2023
Notification No. 01/2023 – Integrated Tax Circulars issued in 2023
Circular No. 200/12/2023-GST Amendment Act 2023
CG-DL-E-18082023-248183 Amendment Act 2023
CG-DL-E-18082023-248184 notification issued on 19.10.2023 with short commentary
Notification No. 12/2023- Central Tax (Rate) CT with short commentary
No. 52/2023 – Central Tax Circulars issued in 2023 with short commentary
Circular No. 202/14/2023-GST Circulars issued in 2023 with short commentary
Circular No. 205/17/2023-GST Scheme for Condonation of delay in filling Appeal
No. 53/2023 – Central Tax

Latest GST Updates In 2022-2023

S.NoDateSubject to 29.06.202247th GST council meetings press release (Download pdf with video analysis)
Chandigarh Notification GST Circular Notings by CS K.K. Agrawal
No. 09/2022 – Central Tax GST Rate Notification
Notification No. 03/2022 – Integrated Tax (Rate) to 03.08.2022GST Notifications and GST circulars issued in August 2022
No. 17/2022 – Central Tax Centre Notification dated 28.09.2022 implementing FA 2022 amendments
No. 18/2022 – Central Tax release 48th GST council meeting
New Delhi Notification
No. 26/2022 – Central Tax
Circular No.183/15/2022 – GST Notification
NOTIFICATION No. 12/2022 – Central Tax (Rate)
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